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Day 2: Favorite episode

Oh… my… no.

Well, as you know, it’s impossible to pick one favorite episode of Buffy. So I’m just gonna go with top five.

In no particular order:

1.) Passion

imageThis episode was just… I don’t think words do it justice. The voiceover monologue, written by Joss Whedon, read by David Boreanaz, is simply amazing. I practically know it by heart because, well, I wish I could write that well. The overall creepy theme gives me chills every time. And the scene where Giles finds Jenny, with the swelling orchestra music… there is nothing about this episode I don’t love. It doesn’t hurt that Angelus is my favorite villain of all time, in anything, ever.

2.) Chosen


This episode seems almost unpopular in a way, people claiming that it was an unsuitable series finale, and I will never understand that viewpoint. This episode sends chills down my spine and puts a knot in my stomach every time, and only the best ones do that. I love the potentials (I know, I know, sue me); I love Willow becoming a goddess; I love the absolute bravery and wonderful character development that emerges in every single character, from the potentials to Dawn to Faith. I love the part where Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles meet up for the last time and then break apart, and “The earth is definitely doomed.”  And most of all, I love the idea of every woman in the world becoming a Slayer. The little montage they include, paired with Buffy’s speech, has been known to bring tears to my eyes. Factor in Spike’s epic heroic death, and how can you not love this finale? 

3.) The Wish


Oh, be still my heart. I’m a sucker for a good AU episode, and this is the best. I’ve always wished we could see a bit more of this universe, the “White Hats”, the vampires ruling the town, the sense of hope even in the darkness that had enveloped Sunnydale. I was intrigued by Wishverse Buffy, how she got her scar, what exactly happened to her, where on earth her mother was. And I loved this episode because it showed what a profound effect Buffy truly has; she might think she’s fighting a constantly losing battle, that she never really made a difference, but this was proof that she did.

4.) Innocence


"The two things that matter most to me: emotional resonance, and rocket launchers." - Joss Whedon

If season 2 was the season in which I sold my soul to this show, then this was the episode. This was when Buffy became my role model, and still is. At first I cried my eyes out for her, felt so horrible about what had happened to her. And oh, the first time I watched I was freaking out over Angel. But her boyfriend actually turned evil and tried to kill her, all because she slept with him, and she still pulled through. He expected her to break, but she refused. She did what was necessary. She kicked him in the balls. Also, I thought Willow and Giles were at the top of their character value in this - how Giles promised to support her and not to judge her; how Willow ran out after seeing Xander and Cordy, but came back to help with “Things are not okay between us, but what’s happening now is so important.” It was one of the most emotional and most empowering episodes made.

5.) Once More, With Feeling

How can I not?! Wonderfully written music! Singing! Dancing! Extremely suggestive lyrics (ever really listened to “Under Your Spell”?) I watch it when I’m sick, I watch it when I’m sad, because it always cheers me up. I’m a musical junkie, what more can I say? Nothing I write here will ever begin to describe the awesomeness that is this episode, so I shan’t try.

(And Sarah and Tony and James and Amber are such good singers, like yeah, thanks guys, not like you weren’t perfect enough already)